Analyze Deals Like a Hedge Fund Manager
- An Advanced Degree in Math or Statistics
- Spending Dozens of Hours on Spreadsheets
- Ever Having Done a Deal Before
Deal Analysis Mastery 2.0
No Fluff, just the facts and figures.

Everything you need to know to confidently analyze any 1-4 unit deal
What Others Are Saying...
You seem to have a way of explaining information to us newbies that makes sense as this tends to be a somewhat complex learning curve. We are excited to dive into your new videos and learn a lot more. - Makana Apo
I really appreciate what Eric does because of the quality of discussion he facilitates and the material presented. Eric also presents himself in a way that is authentic and transparent, very rare and refreshing! - Stephanie Sellers
I am so grateful for you! Thanks so much for your guidance… can’t wait to put it to work. - Amanda Walker
Eric… you saved me from continuing into a bad real estate transaction, at the same time you refocused my efforts on exactly the niche that is perfect for me. I now know exactly what I need to do to create more passive income and leverage through my real estate investing. Thanks a million! - Marc Dube
Eric challenged us to ask ourselves the important questions that led us to figure out what we truly wanted in life and what our goal actually was. Our quality of life improved immediately now that every day that we go to our jobs, we know exactly what we are working for and we know exactly where we stand in our timeline to freedom. - Cecilia and Joe
So far it's been good for us! This is the first time we've ever bought any kind of information. We've always just learned as we went. So it's all been good for us so far.  For us it's a lot of value. It's a lot of things we didn't know and some of it reiterates some of what we learned as we went.  We had a list of questions written down before the call with you but then we watched the videos and then we got answers to every single question.Jason and Kelly
Whether we’re discussing real estate or the latest SEO techniques, I’m always impressed with Eric’s analytical insights into the functional elements of a topic. Every time I walk away from a conversation with Eric, I have some new strategy to implement in my own business ventures. - Rob Erich
Eric has been instrumental in my growth as a real estate investor. His knowledge is unparalleled and time-sensitive communication have marked Eric as one of the most up-to-date sophisticated real estate investors I have ever met. - Darina Pogodina
Have you been thinking about real estate for a long time, but you just aren't sure if there are any good deals?
Maybe you're sick and tired of all the "gurus" saying you'll will quit your job in 90 days if you just TRUST their system.

So you pay them a few hundred and go to their weekend bootcamp...

Then you need to pay a few thousand to get a little education...

Then to get the TRUE secrets you pay them $30,000+
Yea, I hate that too...
That's why I started

...and that's what's driven me to create the Deal Analysis Mastery course.
What is "Deal Analysis Mastery?"
Over the last two years I have noticed so many people really want to invest in real estate, but the information on the web is either:

1) Fundamentally flawed
2) Good, but not complete
3) Scattered in too many places for it to be valuable
So, I've put expert advice into one easy to use course to help you get started.
Why Deal Analysis Mastery (and not some other course)
1. Straight to The Point
We cut out all the fluff and get straight to the numbers. You won't find video after video of useless theory without any practical application.

Instead, you will find real numbers, real rules, and real analysis.
2. Focused Content
There are plenty of courses that spend dozens of hours talking about a thousand different aspects of real estate.

And that's great...

But this course is focused on deal analysis.

Why pay for all the other stuff when what you really need is to know how to crunch the numbers and weed out the good from the bad deals?
3. Price Per Pound
Based on the information, experience of the instructor, and price, the VALUE of this product is unparalleled.
Now It's Time TO Take The Next Step
Are you about to spend hundreds of thousands on a new property and you're doing the math on a napkin or simple spreadsheet without any real experience to back it up?

I spent years and bought millions of dollars in real estate, spent hundreds of thousands to learn, through trial and error, EXACTLY how to succeed in real estate.

I've put all of my knowledge of deal analysis into this course.
Are You Ready to Join and Start Making Offers Confidently?
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What's Next?

From the Desk of Eric Bowlin 
Plano, TX.
Dear Fellow Investor,

We both know that real estate is the best way to acquire wealth. Not the kind of money that comes and goes with the latest trends (like tech) but the generational wealth that will set up your children, grandchildren, and further.

But, most people don't know where to begin. At least, that's what it was like for me. I had over $60,000 in debt, a minimum wage job, and was a full-time student. I stumbled into my first property (and almost didn't close the deal). I stumbled into my second and third. I made tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes along the way.

Now, I teach people how to avoid the mistakes I've made. I am the founder of, a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and firm believer in the concept of financial independence and early retirement. Also, I'm now the proud owner of over 480 rental units valued at over $28 million.

I still kick myself for making those mistakes...That money could have leveraged into even greater wealth. I think and wonder where I could be now if I had just known enough back then.

That's why education and training programs are so important. If you learn something that saves you from making even one mistake, you've already earned your money back plus some.

Unfortunately, and I found this out the hard way, there are so many programs and people out there that charge way, way too much and teach way too little.

Most courses cost thousands of dollars and they are full of fluff. They throw a bunch of information at you and leave you standing there confused, not knowing where to begin, and even worse off than when you started. 

That's why I created Ideal REI. I want to 10x your value but offer it for 1/10th of the cost.

I sincerely look forward to sharing my knowledge and I appreciate the opportunity to work with and serve you as you change your life through long-term passive income.


Eric Bowlin
What People Are Asking
Is This For Everyone?
While I believe that anyone can achieve financial independence and early retirement through real estate, it is not for everyone.

- If you are looking to get rich overnight, you should not sign up.
- If you aren't interested in putting in the effort to find and underwrite deals, then please don't waste your money.
- If you think you can run a business with absolutely no money of your own being invested, then go back to watching infomercials and the house flipping gurus.
Why Are You Selling This? Won't It Create More Competition For You?
There is over $40 trillion invested in real estate (that's $40,000,000,000,000) in the United States. So, for every student that takes this course and buys $10 million worth of real estate, that is only .000025% of the market.

I think there's enough to go around.

Plus, I have a passion for the concept of financial independence. I believe that once a person is no longer a slave to their day job, it will unlock the inner potential for great things.

Not only will financial independence free people up to do what they enjoy, but it will free them up to be more productive. Ultimately, that benefits us all.
Eric Bowlin
The Small Multi-Family Master
When I started investing in real estate, I was scared. I had a lot of debt and I used our entire savings to buy our first deals. I also borrowed money from my friends and maxed out every credit card we had.

I was young, though, and my desire for financial freedom was so strong that I decided to take a leap...

I quit the Ph.D. program that I was in and decided to pursue real estate full time.
Once I made that decision, I had no option but to make it work. Then it happened, I closed on my first deal and...

...Didn't make anything. Just a couple thousand dollars for 4 months of work. At one point before closing I only had $200 in the bank. It simply wasn't worth it.

I closed on my next rental property shortly after that. I was able to put $40,000 cash in my pocket and collect $20,000 per year for life. I had found my niche.

At the time I didn't realize it, but I was in the process of creating an amazing system that would allow me to invest my money over and over again, while unlocking huge amounts of equity and added value. It only took a few short years to build up enough passive income to retire.

I spent years growing my understanding of real estate and I realized that it all comes back to the basics. All of the fancy systems, advanced processes, and teams cannot function without understanding the most basic part of real estate - deal analysis.

I still remember the day I become "free." The picture above was taken that day. I'm not a very photogenic person, but this is one of the best pictures of me that's ever been taken. I think it's because I was finally truly happy.

I'll never forget the feeling I had when I never had to show up to work again. I never had to answer to a boss again. I was calling my own shots now.

There really is nothing like the feeling of freedom.

But, you cannot take the first step without being able to confidently analyze deals.
So, What's the Catch?
I realize this course is very inexpensive, and you might be asking "why" or "what's the catch."

...and I know there a ton of programs out there that sit you down in front of sales people who've never done a deal in their life (or maybe one or two).

That's not what this is. This is not a free seminar that feeds into a weekend "boot camp" that feeds into a $30,000 mentorship program.

With me, What you see is what you get.

I'm literally teaching exactly the same stuff as the "gurus," at a fraction of the price, and it's all based on what I actually do in my own business. So, there is a TON of value.

I hope you will love it and I hope to create a business relationship for years to come.
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