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Eric Bowlin has been investing for nearly a decade and currently owns over 470 units valued in excess of $28 million. He started investing at the age of 24 with the purchase of his first 3-family property. It was only a few short years later when he was able to retire at the age of 30.

Shortly after he quit working, Eric founded because of his dislike of the "gurus" who are charging tens of thousands of dollars for even basic information while providing next to no results.
Are you Tracking Expenses by Hand?
...or with a spreadsheet you tossed together in 5 minutes?
Probably not a great idea...

This Income and Expenses spreadsheet will put the important information at your fingertips. By helping you to quickly record income and expenses, you'll know how your properties are operating at any point in time.

Additionally, it helps you know your expense ratio, cash flow ratios, and breakdown of expenses so you know exactly what categories you can target to get your costs down.

You can easily visualize your expenses as a ratio of income (Remember the 50% rule?). This way, if your expenses are ticking up as a percentage of your income, you know that your rents are too low or your expenses are too high and you can adjust operations accordingly.

You can also easily print out the output and save it for quick reference.
Expenses Match Your Taxes
Have you ever gone to file your taxes and struggled to know which expense should fit into each category? The IRS doesn't always track things the same way you do...

That's why all the expense categories are designed to match what the IRS is looking for on your schedule E.

Track Various Types of Income
It's important to track every source of income, not just rent.

Think about it, if you are earning a net profit of $300/month on a rental, and you earn just an extra $30 one month, that is a 10% difference in income.

That's Huge!

That's why you need to track it - this could have a dramatic difference on your decisions.
Track P&L, Cash Flow, and NOI
There are different ways to measure your income - what banks look at, what you look at, and what the IRS looks at.

So, you should track them all!

This spreadsheet does exactly that and more, automatically, with no additional effort.

Simply plug in your expenses and income, and the spreadsheet breaks it down into a month-by-month breakdown of everything you need.
Track Up to 10 Units In One Spreadsheet!

What People Are Saying

Rob Erich

Founder of MoneyNomad and ARicherYou

"Whether we're discussing real estate or the latest SEO techniques, I'm always impressed with Eric's analytical insights into the functional elements of a topic. Every time I walk away from a conversation with Eric, I have some new strategy to implement in my own business ventures."

Darina P.

REALTOR and Real Estate Investor

"Eric has been instrumental in my growth as a real estate investor. His knowledge is unparalleled and time-sensitive communication have marked Eric as one of the most up-to-date sophisticated real estate investors I have ever met."
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