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    Quickly Blow Through Deals Like a Pro Without...
    • Wasting Time: Quit wasting time spending hours analyzing every deal.
    •  Missing Any Opportunity: Confidently know you looked at the important parts of the deal before you move on
    •  Getting It Wrong: Quit doing math on the back of a napkin where you can make mistakes.
    You'll Also Get:
    • Cash on Cash Return: Quickly estimate the cash on cash return of any rental property
    •  Cap Rates: Estimate the overall returns of a project
    •  Rental Property: Know the year 1 returns of your rental property before wasting a minute of your time on it.
    •  Flip Calculator: Know your approximate return on a flip before diving into the deep analysis 

    Eric Bowlin - Real Estate Invesor

    Eric is a real estate investor with over 480 units of rental property. He started investing at the age of 24 with no money, a ton of debt, and no plan. He was able to achieve financial independence at the age of 30.

    Now, Eric is focused on teaching others about financial independence and how to use passive income from real estate to achieve it.
    What Others Are Saying

    Robert Erich

    Founder of Money Nomad and A Richer You

    "Whether we're discussing real estate or the latest SEO techniques, I'm always impressed with Eric's analytical insights into the functional elements of a topic. Every time I walk away from a conversation with Eric, I have some new strategy to implement in my own business ventures."

    Darina Pogodina

    Realtor and Investor

    "Eric has been instrumental in my growth as a real estate investor. His knowledge is unparalleled and time-sensitive communication have marked Eric as one of the most up-to-date sophisticated real estate investors I have ever met."
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