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Eric Bowlin has been investing for nearly a decade and currently owns over 220 units valued in excess of $18 million. He started investing at the age of 24 with the purchase of his first 3-family property. It was only a few short years later when he was able to retire at the age of 30.

Shortly after he quit working, Eric founded because of his dislike of the "gurus" who are charging tens of thousands of dollars for even basic information while providing next to no results.
Are you about to spend >$100k On a Property?
...and You're Only Using A Simple Spreadsheet Which You Tossed Together in Ten Minutes?
Probably not a great idea...

This Investment Property Analyzer will put the important information at your fingertips. By helping you to quickly calculate potential rent, vacancy expenses, and all kinds of expenses you'd normally forget about, you'll be able to make a much more informed decision.

This includes Buy/Sell decision analysis, expense break down, as well as all the standard information such as debt service coverage ratio, total return, cash on cash return, return on equity.

You can easily visualize your expenses as a ratio of income (Remember the 50% rule?).
You can also easily print out the output and save it for quick reference.
Income and Expense Forecasting
It can also help model out 10, 20, and even 30 years based on the economic assumptions you put into place.

The great part is you can vary the assumptions. For example, if you think the economy will slow down next year but pick back up the following year, you can model higher expenses and lower rent growth next year, then flip it the following year.

This lets you model vacancy for renovations when you purchase, a hot economy slowing down, or a ramp-up of expenses if current ownership is neglecting their property.
Accurate Expense Assumptions
One of the biggest problems is that people forget to account for a lot of expenses.

So, we've broken down the expense category into 11 "buckets" and then have a lot of sub-categories within every bucket. These are customizable so you can change the names and categories.

Also, we've included a special "reserve" account which will help you account for future capital expenditures such as a roof, heating system, HVAC, etc...

You can also visualize it on a per unit basis so you know if this particular building operates for more, less, or about the same as other properties you are analyzing.
Modeling Rents
Knowing the current rents and comparing it to the pro-forma rents is fairly easy, but it's difficult to model the transition between the two.

If you are looking at a 12 unit building and plan to upgrade the units and increase rents, we allow you to model that over a period of months. So, if you plan to complete all the renovations in 12 months, this calculator will assume you turn over 1 unit every month and model your income appropriately

Also, you can input if some apartments are currently renovated and don't need to be upgraded.
Lending and Financial Modeling
You can easily include rehab costs into your loan if your lender allows it. Also, flexible amortization options and the ability to model in an interest-only payment period makes this calculator very powerful.

If you have partners, you can include a general partner / limited partner split along with including a working capital account, acquisition fee, and other expenses that are normal when partners are included or in a syndication style arrangement.

You can also use a cap rate or ARV for selling price.
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